At Malex Medical we understand the difference between supplying a product and supplying a professional. Our teams work with your staff to ensure that you have exactly what you need the moment you need it. Because efficiency matters.

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Welcome to Malex Medical Asia

Malex Medical is a leading surgical supply company with offices across Asia Pacific and in Australia.

We provide hospitals and medical professionals with access to the best surgical supplies from around the world. We require our sales staff to keep up to date with research and developments within their field in order that they can best support you in your choices of medical supplies and equipment before, during and after a procedure. Remaining in theatre during a procedure has enabled our sales staff to share with surgeons invaluable first hand knowledge of how to get the best performance from the quality surgical supplies we provide.

The company was built upon the simple belief that the medical fraternity deserved access to the best surgical products from around the world supported by leading edge information and expertise in their use. As a result of our expertise and professionalism in all areas of our business, we have continued to grow, expanding from our roots as Medivenn Pty Ltd in Western Australia in 1996. Moving the company overseas into Singapore and Malaysia under the company name Malex Medical Asia we have been able to bring our experience and product knowledge across Asia.

We believe that providing surgical equipment and supplies goes far beyond the simple act of making a sale. It involves building proactive professional relationships and acting as a bridge between the leading companies who design and make the equipment and the surgeons who will use that equipment to improve the lives of their patients. Passion to provide the best surgical supplies combined with current, expert medical knowledge in our field ensures that our company continues to raise the bar on what surgeons and hospitals expect from their surgical supply company and what supplier expect from their distributors.

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Arthrex Singapore, Pte. Ltd. has officially announced the acquisition of Malex Medical Asia (S)...


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Malex introduces the Synergy 4K System

Malex Medical Asia's philosophy of keeping up-to-date with advancements and providing physicians with the latest treatment options continued with the launch of the Synergy UHD4™ 4K Imaging System.

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Ms Sit Wan Wang

Sit Wan has been Chief Financial Officer for Malex Medical Asia since 2006....
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“ I have been using ACL tightrope and ACL Tightrope RT for nearly 2 years.

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